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Premium Fence & Gates Solutions

Protect your property with our top-notch powder-coated aluminium fencing. With over 20 years in the business, we know you want durable, easy-care products. We’re dedicated to delivering the fence you need, wherever you are in the country. Our goal is to keep things simple for you, ensuring your property's safety with minimal fuss.

Why choose aluminum Fencing & Gates?

Aluminium fencing is very strong and doesn't rust, perfect for pools and wet areas. It lasts well in all kinds of weather and doesn't need much care. Unlike iron, it won't need repainting to stop rust. A quick wash now and then keeps it looking good. Plus, it's recyclable, making it a smart choice for the environment.


The Fine Prints

Installing fences and gates involves more skill. Discover our detailed information on Warranty, CAD designs and PS1.


Robust & Secure for both homes and businesses.

Our Fences and Gates are tough, reliable, and made to keep your space safe. We specialise in powder-coated aluminium fencing that’s durable and fits both homes and businesses. With us, you get personalised service to match your specific needs. Choose Barrier Fencing for secure and lasting peace of mind.


Our fences are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions.


It’s important to secure property with strong and durable fencing. You can be confident that our fences will keep you and your property safe and secure.


Manufactured from top-quality aluminium, our fences are strong, resilient and long-lasting.


Our goal is to simplify and streamline all your fencing needs.

Barrier is a Tauranga based company that provides high-quality, long-lasting, powder-coated aluminium fencing to businesses and contractors throughout New Zealand.

Our products stand for themselves but it’s our customer service and client relationships that make us stand out from the crowd.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the construction and importing sectors, we understand the unique demands of the construction industry and are focused on providing exceptional service to our customers.

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If you want to order premium and durable fencing products, backed by excellent service and guarantees, check out our full product range or get in touch!

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